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Mary Maloneary's Irish Lucky Charmslucky charm key rings

Owing to the number of people requesting Mary's Lucky Shamrock, Mary has decided to literally take “a leaf from the Shamrock” when it comes to allowing each person to avail themselves of this wonderful Charm.

Just like the three leaves on the little Shamrock, you can choose from the three colours available.

Each Charm comes in a regular handy sized key ring..

Just think, what a wonderful gift this Lucky Charm will be for your loved ones, and friends. What better gift could you give them, but to wish them all the best of Luck in whatever is most important to them at this moment in time with whatever is going on in their lives at the moment?

bronze shamrock
  • These Lucky Shamrock Charms have been picked in Ireland by Mary,
  • packed whilst still fresh,
  • and handled only by Mary.
bronze lucky key fob
silver lucky shamrock

Gold shamrock charm

Mary has authenticated these charms by personally signing the back of each one.
Irelands own
mary malone
bronze gold silver charms
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Recipient's Name
Recipient's Name
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If you would prefer not to use PayPal please send $20.00 or Є15.00 for each Lucky Charm to Mary's address. Please don't forget to include the names that you want on each Charm.

Mary Malone
20, Southfield Drive

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